Taking the indoors out is always full of compromises. For many, design comes second to convenience, for others it’s the other way around.

For Gino Carollo, compromise has never been an option. The exterior should always have the same level of style and comfort as what we produce for the interior. Inspired by a connection with nature, Santos uses strong geometric lines which, intertwining and overlapping, create a dynamic shape. Through the use of resistant materials, treated to be protected all year round, functionality is a priority, but it never overshadows the strong design that unites the desire between indoor and outdoor space. One glance at this design is enough to mistakenly think that this is a piece of furniture suitable for any interior space. Yet that is precisely the point, isn’t it? Why should the outside be less pleasant when, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

This product is available in an array of variations and therefore standard dimensions vary. Please add the product to your quote list or contact us for dimensions.

This product is available in various finishes, fabrics and colours. Please add it to your quote list to send us an enquiry or contact us now.

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