Lago Air Study Shelving


An elegant shelving with a built-in desk to custom-furnish your study. A sound solution if you’re working or studying from home. The self-standing Air Shelving on glass supports seems to float in mid air, allowing natural light to filter through and lightening the look of the space. There are no limits on size and the unit can even be positioned in the middle of the room. It blends into the architecture, dividing the space as it extends up to the ceiling. Peace and privacy are guaranteed. Thanks to the built-in Air desk, you can create flexible compositions that can be moved around the space to suit your needs. Various different storage options and the double-sided finish mean you can create a comprehensive study space in which to work and learn.

Standard Dimensions

This product is available in an array of variations and therefore standard dimensions vary. Please add the product to your quote list or contact us for dimensions.


This product is available in various finishes, fabrics and colours. Please add it to your quote list to send us an enquiry or contact us now.