Air Sofa



The Air sofa’s greatest strength lies in its modularity: choose your own depth and back rest height, mixing fabrics and hues, to create a sofa tailored to your own comfort and your own personality. Thanks to the Air sofa’s patented fastening system, you can create a unique sofa that, taken apart and reconfigured, can transform into three armchairs or two sofas, depending on how the frames, seats, back rests and arm rests are assembled. A linear sofa can thus become an elegant peninsula, a comfortable guest bed or a chaise longue, just by rotating the modules.

As an alternative to legs in extra-clear tempered glass, six times more resistant than normal glass, Air sofa is also available with elegant metal supports. Both these solutions create a floating effect, lending lightness to any room.

This product is available in an array of variations and therefore standard dimensions vary. Please add the product to your quote list or contact us for dimensions.

This product is available in various finishes, fabrics and colours. Please add it to your quote list to send us an enquiry or contact us now.

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