Our Top Lago Furniture Picks


Our Top Lago Furniture Picks

Today’s awareness and love for the future are the keys we choose to design and plan in a more sustainable way. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the striking furniture options now available from Lago, exclusively available from Maldini in South Africa. (Original Post from SA Decor & Design)

P&J Table

P&J Table:

One fluid, textured form extended across just two supports: this is the distinguishing feature of the new P&J table designed by Daniele Lago. The ultra-thin top features bull-nose corners and connects seamlessly to the wooden legs on either end of the table, to create a fluid, harmonious piece. The woodwork technique used for the frame and the two almost intangible glass legs in the centre of the table ensure stability and provide increased resistance to knocks and impact.

Bonotto’s X-Glass

Bonotto’s X-Glass:

Bonotto, an Italian textile manufacturer that collaborates with the best brands in the world of fashion, dresses Lago products thanks to XGlass Home Couture, a capsule collection that brings together design and high fashion. With XGlass, the elegance of the fabrics designed by Bonotto comes to life on the glass and gives new emotions to the furnishing.

The U Table:

The bow is a timeless architectural invention which has been overturned to create the stand for this table. It serves to support an ultra lightweight, textured Wildwood top. This is the new U Table designed by Daniele Lago, who has dared to give a new contemporary look to a classical form. The base is made from metal and comes in a titanium or pewter colour finish. The top comes in three different sizes and is available in oak Wildwood, Haywood or Agewood, lacquered glass or XGlass.

U Table

MrX Table:

A thin top made from heat-treated superior wood, supported by two X-shapes, makes up the MrX Table design. This new table perfectly combines Lago’s key ingredients. The top is available in oak Wildwood, Haywood, Agewood. The legs feature a distinctive X-shape design and are made from metal. They come in two different colours: titanium and pewter.

Janeiro Table

Janeiro Table:

The inspiration behind the new Janeiro table designed by Bartoli Design for Lago is the idea of a rocky monolith. The characteristic form of the concrete block serving as the table base perfectly resembles the well-known Brazilian peak “Sugarloaf Mountain” in Rio de Janeiro.

The base of the Janeiro table is in fact made up of two, equally balanced solid dome shapes, made from concrete and printed with a natural finish. A threaded steel structure connects the base and top. The table top seems to balance magically on the summit below. The candid, textured effect of the cement works perfectly with the soft lines of the base and top, available in a circular, oval or rectangular shape and in the following finishes: clear glass, grigio smoked glass, polished glass, XGlass, Wildwood, Agewood and Haywood.

Woop Chair

Woop Chair:

With supple lines and a comfortable seat, the new Woop chair designed by Cristian Gori is ultra-elegant and super soft. The fabric folds make for a generous form, without weighing it down. The frame comes in two finishes: titanium and pewter, while the seat cover can be chosen from leather, faux leather, velvet and fabric.

Sand Sofa:

Soft, rounded shapes that look as though they have been smoothed down and polished by the wind and sea: this is the new Sand Sofa featuring rounded, tapered corners. The visual and structural impact is unsurpassed and guarantees maximum comfort. The forms of this sofa create a featherlight feel. The metal supports are finished in titanium or pewter. The different base sizes match the various modules, allowing you to play with different compositions together with the backrests. The backrests can be fixed or left free standing, resting on the base thanks to built-in weights.

Sand Sofa

The Air Sofa:

The Air sofa offers a lightweight, modular construction, and features the all-new, elegant metal supports in a titanium or pewter finish.


This collection of storage units features innovative XGlass, creating a unique product for any space in the home. The customisation options for this glass surface are endless, thanks to the use of different materials such as fabric, wood, metal and stone. There are up to 24 materials and 32 matt and glossy colour finishes to choose from. Materia’s clean lines make it adaptable to any interior design, bringing the material to life in this monolith piece, and making it the unique focal point of the design.

Materia sideboard