Kali Duo Board 1943/2200

transforming foldaway bunk bed system with large desk

Kali Duo Board is a transforming foldaway bunk bed system with the CF09 slatted bed base and large desk, both patented, which transforms into the night-time version with a simple movement without the need to remove anything from the large desk that tilts and slots in horizontally underneath the bed. The system features a fold-down opening mechanism and safety device that prevents accidental opening and closing. Tilting mechanism with gas springs and device that cushions movements, completely contained in the side of the structure, thanks to patented technology and special manufacturing. In the bunk bed position, the anodised aluminium ladder is fixed to both the beds and also acts as an additional support. The upper bed features a mechanism to pull upper bed down to make bed easier and the protection barriers are reclining in the metal and padded versions. The fabric headboard reclines, depending on the kind of barrier used. Kali Duo has a LED light system with a certified anti-shock mechanism in compliance with relevant regulations. The system is produced 194, 3 or 220 cm; high H 220 cm features a storage element with a tilting door. Kali Duo is available in the Standard, Board (large desk), Sofa versions.



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Kali Duo Board 1943
Kali Duo Board 2200

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