Design is Life with Arketipo Firenze

Design is Life with Arketipo Firenze

Always on the cusp on inspirational and authentic Italian design, Maldini brings us the splendour of Arketipo Firenze. A blend of fashion and craftsmanship in extraordinary furniture designs.

Pushing the limits, Arketipo Firenze transforms ideas into experiences, breaking the rules to create the unexpected in the form of beautiful Italian furniture.

In a perfect marriage of technology and craftsmanship, Arketipo Firenze’s production process starts with the search for ever innovative materials, to underline the unique style of the brand.

Giuseppe Viganò – Studio Viganò

This is followed by traditional manufacturing techniques, in which each stage is entrusted to the experience of Arketipo’s own craftsmen. The whole process has to meet very strict requirements for quality, accuracy and attention to detail.

The coverings, whether leather or fabric, are all meticulously checked to eliminate any manufacturing imperfections. The expert hands of master tailors yield a finely made and
beautifully finished product that is truly unique.

Maurizio Manzoni Studio

Choose from stylish pieces for your living room, office or entertainment room and let Arketipo furniture add a contemporary sophistication to any room. If you’re looking for quality craftsmanship and superior materials, then you will certainly find what you’re after at Arketipo. Their latest ranges are now available locally through agents Maldini in South Africa.

Brown Sugar, divano – design Mauro LIpparini

For Arketipo Firenze, design is life, stylistic transgression and wish to express one’s own values through non-banal forms and materials.

“Curiosity is in our DNA – affirms Lorenzo Cattelan – and this leads us to search for new communication forms, new materials and technologies. Only in this way we can grant an authentic design and quality to customer.”

Sin Seaty, armchair – design Giuseppe Viganò-Studio Viganò

Design is for the Florentine company the starting point of all projects, a value that makes any product precious like a work of art. The Italian essence of aesthetic choices is continuity, a distinctive sign and a wish to reaffirm one’s own cultural roots. Materials dress the design style. The mastery lies in choosing what’s best, new and useful. Inspiration is often drawn from parallel worlds, to make a classic fabric innovative and vice versa, like in historical ateliers.

Ego, sofa – design Maurizio Manzoni Studio

The mission is to be special at all costs. To reinforce the brand to face new commercial challenges, with the strength to be able to make a trend, when trend is history. To make the Brand a reference point for a transversal consumers’ segment but with a unexceptionable taste.

Besides, to enlarge the offer and propose accessories that can bear comparison with upholstered furniture, core business of the Company.

Self-Reverse, sofa-Giuseppe Viganò-Studio Viganò

“I would like our branding identity to be at the sign of bespoke – affirms Lorenzo Cattelan – we are an industry, but we like thinking that a customer approaches us because he feels special and would like to get a handmade product with the best Florentine textile manufacturing.”

Self-Reverse, sofa-Giuseppe Viganò-Studio Viganò

Find innovative and authentic Italian furniture to bring style home from Arketipo Firenze and Maldini.