Punta Ala



The sofa Punta Ala, with enveloping and rigorous primary geometries, has an essential metal structure, forming a basket that is both solid and light, which contains the soft support parts, giving a feeling of pleasant relaxation.Set product image

Punta Ala establishes a dialogue centered on the contrast between the taut, tubular lines of the supporting body and the soft, elementary volumes, using a lexicon based on compositional purity, obtaining as a result a sofa with an airy and light shape. The aesthetic leitmotif is represented by the straps with a pleasantly elaborate warp and weft design, one of a kind. The straps, originating from a single ribbon, follow one another in the backrest, forming a spiral weave in one seamless motion, producing a particularly characterizing dynamic zig-zag pattern. The resulting sensation is one of lightness and freshness, like a sea breeze that caresses and invigorates.

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