With a carefree name that evokes, on the one hand, a video game console and, on the other, the control panel of an airplane pilot, the Joystick tables are works that unite one playful spirit, sometimes mischievous, to absolute precision.

The heavy thickness of the metal top forms the intriguing theme of Joystick, which conveys a lasting impression with its direct and emphatic design: two disks inextricably joined by a curved vertical plane. The attractive shapes are the expressive result of the encounter between the purity of the material and an archetypal and minimalist concept. The sculptural object, concrete and rich in profiles, is reflected in its elegant and refined thickness, in a cultured style that echoes in the candor of its pure gray metal surfaces.

Joystick, an ideal coffee table to accompany a wide range of sofas, armchairs and beds, will find a place in practically every room of the house. Available in lac colourscati, brings to mind the spirit of post-industrial recovery, and creates an artistic synthesis between poor art and uncompromising aesthetics, founded on principles that combine form, materials and functionality.

This product is available in an array of variations and therefore standard dimensions vary. Please add the product to your quote list or contact us for dimensions.

This product is available in various finishes, fabrics and colours. Please add it to your quote list to send us an enquiry or contact us now.

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