Big Night



The detail is the expression. In design thinking and bed construction Big Night, the corner joint is the real focus point.

The fold of the headboard is a spontaneous gesture: in it the ancestral experience of the discovery of being able to shape surfaces is revived, the concrete action from which a project is born. It is the same gesture of the fingers joining together that suggests how to keep the shape of the fold stable, with a fibula, a U-bent metal profile: a touch of fine jewelry, a minimal accessory, with a clean and rigorous shape. The clip pinches the edges of the continuous surface of the upholstered panel, generating the protruding fold and enhancing the sartorial value of the fabric. This excellently made seal is also repeated in the corners of the box-sommier, becoming both a fibula and a foot. The headboard is a panel with a rigorous rectangular shape, folded at the sides, which fulfills the role of a protective niche and a refined aesthetic element. The large and generous surfaces have a taut and lenticular softness, enhancing those qualities of intimate comfort that make the night an endless adventure.

Not just a bed to sleep on, but also a stage for personal stories.

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