Powerful iron plates are modeled through light segmentations of flat geometries, characterized by curvilinear, concave and convex shapes, and by a sequence of bold formal gestures that define the base of the table. We are facing a masterful example of how a minimalist structure can be strengthened by the power of its materials: from the authenticity of natural iron, combined with the archaic expressiveness of the annealed glass of the table top. The austere formalism of Avalon is opposed to the dynamism of the base, while the top, composed of a glass disc, evokes a body of water with rippling movements, transporting us to a dreamlike extraterrestrial landscape.

Avalon, the last great album by Roxy Music, is a cornerstone of the Eighties. In the same way, the table of the same name stands out for the boldness typical of those years, and at the same time evokes an older folklore, bordering on myth – the legendary island of Avalon, where Excalibur, King Arthur’s renowned sword, was forged – above all thanks to the Pacific blue finish of the glass top. Placed beneath the ethereal disk of molten glass, the powerful metal base unfolds like a surging wave, full of elegance and vital momentum.

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