Porada by Maldini

Il Loft by Maldini

Cattelan Italia by Maldini

Visionnaire by Maldini

Pianca by Maldini

Contemporary Italian Furniture

The style and the aesthetics of furniture today has become something to be noticed and appreciated. The grand world of furniture design, is one full of shapes, textures, colours and luxury. It is what dreams are made of.






Established in 2001 the company specializes in the supply of the top contemporary modern furniture collections in the HOME, CORPORATE and HOSPITALITY industry.

Each collection has been selected for its unique design, manufacturing and attention to detail for the discerning buyer.

Our 700 square meter showroom is the largest contemporary Italian furniture showroom in Africa.

Tel: 011 444 9191
Cell: 082 445 1043
12 Kramer rd